About Intelliclaim

Intelliclaim is designed to streamline the claims process and reduce the time and resources required to handle claims. Intelliclaim uses advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence, to improve claims processing accuracy and efficiency.Intelliclaim is a powerful tool that can help insurance companies improve their claims processing operations and provide better service to their customers.

How It Works


User log in with their mobile number.


User can view their claim details.

Upload Images & Video

User will upload damaged vehicle images and video.

Claim Status

User can view their claim aprroval status.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Our Intelliclaim AI will parse email received from the insurance company and extract data from it to generate a new claim.Online verification of vehicular documents by extracting data from the uploaded RC, DL images and matches the data entered in the claim form to avoid any discrepancy.

Based on the photographs captured by insured/workshop officials/Agency executive, Our AI will assess the claim by capturing the external damages. This module is under development process and it will be released very soon.

Vendor Panel

A web based panel will be provided to the surveyors to manage all the claims raised. They can able to view the uploaded damaged images and videos for the particular claim. They also provided with an option to approve or reject the claim.

They can able to send the email with supporting pdf attached with the assessment report to the insurance company.

Security (Google Cloud)

Google Cloud Storage provides multiple security features to protect the data stored in it. Here are some of the security features that Google Cloud Storage offers:

  • Encryption
  • Access Control
  • Object Versioning
  • Network Security
  • Auditing
  • Compliance

All documents related to claim will be stored securely for a minimum period of three years from the date of settlement of claim.

Overall, Google Cloud Storage provides a secure and reliable platform for storing and managing data. By using the security features provided by Google, you can ensure that your data is protected and meets the security and compliance requirements of your organization.